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The Cressi Neon Dive Computer is a watch sized Dive Computer with a simple user interface.  The Neon is a sporty, lightweight dive watch that can be worn every day, to the gym, to the pool and to the dive site. Air and Nitrox Modes are perfect for Scuba divers but Freedivers can use the Neon too. If you’re just training in the pool you can turn off the pressure sensors so it doesn’t fill your logbook or beep every time it goes under the surface.

The Neon has a diameter of only 1.9″ (48mm). It’s display is 1.46″ (37mm) and is high contrast, with extra large numbers an easy access menu. It’s a scuba diving or freediving watch-computer of reduced dimensions and therefore a low profile. This computer would work well for other underwater activities too, as you can turn off the “dive” functions that may cause alarms ringing whilst snorkelling or swimming. The display is made from mineral glass and the case is a heavy-duty design with steel buttons, with a PTU rubber wristband and stainless steel buckle. It’s underwater resistant up to 120 metres.

In regards to watch features, the Neon Computer can be set for a 12/24-hour time format with calendar and seconds doubling as a precision stopwatch function. Additionally, watch functions includes a second time setting alarm clock. The Neon is easy to read in low light or at night with a backlit display. This computer lets you know when the battery is low, and the computer can be set for metric or imperial units of measurements – whichever you prefer.

While diving the computer will display surface time, de-saturation and no fly time calculator. The Neon Computer is fueled by Cressi’s RGBM air/nitrox algorithm for complete dive data processing.

Computer maximum allowable PO2 value of between 1.2 bars and 1.6 bars (for nitrox users) to the mixture’s oxygen percentage (FO2): GAS1 between 21% and 50% and in GAS2 21% and 99% of O2.

The Neon also has a graphic indicator of CNS toxicity level of oxygen, safety stop indicator for multiple levels, Safety factor configuration, is altitude adjustable and has audible and visual alarms. It also features a log function with a 50-dive memory and is powered by a user replaceable 3V CR2450 battery.

It also comes with a semi-solid computer case, to protect or store your computer if you happen to not be wearing it, however doubtful that is!

This computer comes in multiple colours, and we try to keep a few in stock. If you have a time restraint on your computer being delivered, it might be worth enquiring which computers are currently in stock to ensure you get your colour preference! 


  • High contrast display with extra large numbers.
  • Easy access menu.
  • 12/24 time format with calendar and seconds.
  • Precision stopwatch.
  • Second time setting.
  • Alarm clock.
  • Backlit display.
  • Surf time, desaturation and no fly time calculator.
  • Lets you know when battery is empty.
  • Metric or imperial units.


  • CRESSI RGBMv air/nitrox algorithm.
  • Complete diving data processor.
  • PPO2 1.2-1.6 configuration.
  • It is possible to select hyper-oxygenated mixes during the dive phase. GAS1 21-50% GAS2 21-99%.
  • Graphic indicator of CNS toxicity level of oxygen.
  • Safety stop indicator.
  • Multiple level safety factor configuration.
  • Altitude configuration.
  • Algorithm for managing uncontrolled ascent.
  • Suitable for repeated, multi day decompression diving.
  • It is possible to alternate between nitrox and air diving even during de-saturation.
  • Visualisation of time at dive phase.
  • Add / remove deep stop.
  • Alarm in case of breach of ascent speed, decompression or PPO2.
  • It is possible to disable the ascent alarms.
  • Indicates time at dive phase.
  • Planning: scrolling of no-decompression limits.


  • Display of all diving parameters.
  • Depth.
  • Temperature.
  • Dive calculator.
  • Maximum dive depth.
  • Dive time.
  • Length of surface interval between each dive.
  • Length of diving session.
  • Depth, dive time and surface interval alarms.
  • Recovery time alarm.
  • Visualisation of time at dive phase.


  • Depth/temperature indicator.
  • Average depth.
  • Dive time in minutes and seconds.
  • Resettable depth stopwatch.
  • Visualisation of time at dive phase.

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