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Newcastle Dive is 100 meters from one of Australia’s best shore dives making it the place where Newcastle and people from around the world come to dive and learn to scuba dive.

Several bridge structures demolished over the decades have created a significant and important artificial reef which has attracted an abundance of marine life.

We are surrounded by dozens of great shore dives from the Swansea Channel, Catherine Hill Bay Coal Loader to Flagstaff Beach and Moon Island is just 10 minutes boat ride on Moorish Idol, the best boat in the region.

It offers world’s leading brand of diving equipment as well as snorkelling, freediving and spearfishing equipment. You can shop online or in store.

Services for divers includes Scuba Dive courses, clean air fills, equipment rental and servicing Also offers both local and international dive travel.

Our staff are passionate divers and have a wealth of experience diving not only Swansea Channel but also many of the local sites stretching from Catherine Hill Bay through to Nelson Bay. 

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Dive Newcastle

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We have a full service dive shop for all your needs including full Nitrox membrane compressor, equipment service. Shore dives, boat dives, international and local travel, courses from beginner to dive professional and more. We have a massive stock in store of the world’s best brands.

Buy online or visit the store now for all your diving needs.

We have an active social club and we run regular guided dives for visiting divers. If you haven’t dived for a while we run regular refresher dives to get you back in the water.

If you haven’t yet gained your International Scuba Certification choose between our Try Scuba course or full International Certification Course (Open water 20).

We can take you all the way from beginner to instructor and you can travel and get a job around the world or join our ever expanding instructor team locally.

With great diving and the best store in the region why not come and stay for a weekend or for an extended vacation we promise to take care of you.

Shore Dives

Shore dives

Swansea Where Newcastle Comes to Dive

In fact divers come from all over the world to dive Swansea and for those lucky enough to have Swansea on your doorstep you can dive here every day.

Dive Newcastle is perfectly located to go shore diving. We have amazing shore dives that are located close by. Swansea is less than an hour from Newcastle and two hours from Sydney.

With so much amazing diving close by why not stay the weekend, Swansea has accommodation to suit any budget, and if you have a non-diving partner, there is so much to keep them occupied.

Dive Club

Our Dive Shop

Discounts & Events

Becoming a Dive Newcastle Club Safari Member offers a wide range of benefits including discounts and first choice on dive trips…but being a club member is so much more! By joining us on trips and club social nights, you have the opportunity to meet other divers in the area who love what you love! It’s the perfect chance for new divers to chat away with divers who have been diving for quite some time and learn helpful hints that you can use to improve your diving technique. For those divers who are a bit more experienced, this is the perfect opportunity to meet new dive buddies or catch up for a beer with your old buddies.

Snorkeling, Scuba Diving and Spearfishing, Dive Newcastle
Snorkeling, Scuba Diving and Spearfishing, Dive Newcastle
Dive Club, Dive Newcastle, Try Scuba Diving Experience
Snorkeling, Scuba Diving and Spearfishing, Dive Newcastle
Snorkeling, Scuba Diving and Spearfishing, Dive Newcastle
open water diver SIGNATURE COURSE

Becoming a


Dive Professional

Being part of the diving industry is a career you can truly enjoy. As a RAID Dive Professional, you are in control of your own destiny. Whether you choose to continue your education, start a new career or add something wonderful to your life by working part-time, being a Dive Professional is a very rewarding experience!

Remember how it felt the first time you got in the water? Relive that amazing time with others, share their experiences and at the same time, earn extra income!

You can have a career in parts of the world you only dreamed of, doing something you truly enjoy.

You can make a difference. As a Dive Professional you can help the diving industry continue to grow and thrive. Each new person that you train is a potential long-term customer for you, as well as the diving industry as a whole.

By utilizing RAID’s advanced teaching techniques, “Comfort through Repetition” and “Diver Diamond Methodology,” you will have what it takes to develop committed, lifetime divers. Each of our RAID Dive Professional Training Programs is based on our RAID Diver Diamond Methodology, which focuses on the proper knowledge, skills, equipment, and experience required in helping you become a highly qualified instructor