SSI Diver Stress and Rescue

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Diver Stress and Rescue


This course is very important to make you a better dive buddy and is a prerequisite to dive leadership. It is a course every qualified diver can and should complete.

The best rescue is the one you will never have to make. During this course you will learn how to see the signs of stress and better manage your dives to minimise risk of an incident.

The stress and rescue course also combines basic first aid and resuscitation training. You will learn skills to rescue divers at risk both in and under the water. 


Once you complete your Diver Stress and Rescue course plus 4 other Speciality courses and 50 logged dives you will receive the prestigious Master Diver rating.


  • Minimum age of 12
  • Open Water Diver
  • Students must have proof of current training within two (2) years of First Aid and CPR

Course Includes:

  • 2 Academic Sessions
  • 3 Open Water Dives
  • 2 (+1) Optional pool/confined water sessions
  • Maximum depth of 30m 
  • Completion over 1 weekend
Stress and Rescue » diver