The grey nurse sharks are here!

Flagstaff is a great shore dive only 5 minutes’ drive from Newcastle Dive at Swansea. It is a small bay right at the heads and is also protected from swell by Moon Island. Unless the winds are blowing from the South East diving is generally protected.

You can enter from the sandy beach at the bay or off the rocks just south of the bay. Its a shallow dive ranging in depth from 5 metres to 8 metres, Flagstaff suits all ranges of diver skills.

The dive site ranges in bottom topography from sandy areas where the rays like to hang to green/yellow weedy sea gardens where the fish and Nudibranch like to hide. That mixed with a backdrop of giant boulders make for a beautiful dive. Other critters that have been spotted on this site are Port-Jackson sharks, spotted rays, schools of mullet, king fish and Australian salmon!

Over the winter period when the water is beautifully clear, between Flagstaff and Moon Island twe are lucky enough to get visits from the Grey Nurse Sharks. Grey Nurse are large Sharks but known to be “friendly” to divers and non aggressive. It’s a great time to dive Swansea region!