SSI Freediving

472583_Freediving Instructor Level 3 (Small)


On request – Dive Newcastle like all SSI stores has a support system that enables it to invite guest instructors in from anywhere in the world to teach the Freediving program you are after.

Freediving has something to benefit everyone. Whether you’re still struggling to hold your breath for 30 seconds or you’ve been practising for years and looking for a new challenge – this is the sport for you! Freediving can benefit those who are looking to simply advance their snorkelling skills, for spearos looking to extend their bottom time, for scuba divers looking to improve their underwater breathing techniques or for any surfer, kite boarder, paddler or water sport enthusiast looking for safety techniques in unfavourable conditions.

In the SSI Freediver course you acquire the proper skills and knowledge to partake in Freediving to a maximum depth of 20 meters in the most safe and relaxed manner possible. You will develop skills necessary to train your body to be more efficient with oxygen, gain better breathing techniques, muscle flexibility and learn new skills to explore your Freediving potential to the maximum.

With limited places available, a $160 deposit will be required to hold your spot.