RAID Open Water Diver 20 Signature Course

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Signature Course

Signature Course

This course is designed as our Four (4) day / 2 weekend option for that person who works Monday – Friday and has the weekends free. This 4 day training course is conducted with 2 (min) – 6 (max) students. 

RAID Online Training

Your training starts online where you will learn all the important information about learning to scuba. Everything from the equipment you will use, the diving environment, the effects of depth, and the skills you will learn in the water.

Confined Water Training

You will spend more time in the pool training and practicing at your own pace. This will make you very comfortable before you dive into the ocean.

In particular, we make sure you learn to control your buoyancy as it is essential to diving safely and comfortably, and allows you to glide through the water with ease. 

  • Online Academics
  • Online lifetime logbook
  • Online lifetime up-to-date manual – will never be out of date.
  • Confined water (pool) session – Minimum 4 hours.
  • Open water dives – 4 Training Dives – min 180 mins.

    2 shore dives, 2 boat dives.

    1 Pleasure dive after course is successfully completed.
  • Scuba Equipment – Cylinders / Weights / BCD / Regulator and wetsuit.
  • Internationally recognised certification card