RAIDaptive Open Water Diver 20

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The RAIDaptive program was designed to bring the sport of diving to persons with disabilities by adapting the RAID Open Water 20 course to the abilities demonstrated by the diver with disabilities. The title, RAIDaptive, is a combination of RAID and Adaptive to identify to the diving community the intent of the program.

The RAIDaptive Course is designed to teach individuals with disabilities to become certified divers with the goal of using certified RAIDaptive Dive Buddies (Click HERE to learn more about RAIDaptive Buddy), to compensate for those skills that they cannot independently perform.

The student will be certified according to the following Designations:-

  • Designation 1 (D1) – The student must be able to perform all skills independently with the exception of Entries and Exits.
  • Designation 2 (D2)- The student must be able to perform all skills independently with the exception of Entries, Exits, Emergency Ascents, Maintaining Positive Buoyancy at the surface by oral inflation of the BCD.
  • Designation 3 (D3) – The student must be able to breathe continuously and monitor gas supply. The student will require assistance with all other aspects of diving.

To become a certified RAIDaptive Open Water diver, the students need to have basic swimming skills, be comfortable in the water, should be in good overall health, have a mature attitude, sound judgement and self-discipline to follow the guidelines that they will be taught for safe diving.

Medical clearance from a registered diving Doctor is also required.

RAID online e-learning academic presentations, quizzes, exam and practical skills as detailed. Minimum of four open water training dives required. Conducted by our RAIDaptive certified Instructors.

NOTE: Training is divided into two sections. Academic or Theoretical, which is provided for in the course manuals and materials provided online. These may be purchased (RAID STORE) directly or provided for by your RAID Dive Centre following your appointment. The second part is your practical training which is managed by your RAID Dive Centre and conducted by the appointed RAID Instructor. For any other practical training costs, you must discuss this with your appointed RAID Dive Instructor.

All open water skills have been acknowledged and accepted on-line through the DiveRAID web site by both yourself and your instructor.