RAID Advanced Wreck Diver

RAID Search and Recovery Diver, Dive Newcastle

Wreck Diver Advanced

This Specialty is designed to extend your knowledge and skills of diving to allow you to dive on wrecks safely including the penetration of wrecks. It develops the knowledge required to plan, prepare and analyse for your dive to reduce stress and confusion, allowing you to enhance your diving experience.

The Program employs the following:

  • Why wreck dive?
  • The nature of wreck diving.
  • How to access wrecks properly.
  • How to choose appropriate wreck sites.
  • Choosing instruments for wreck diving.
  • Advanced Wreck diving equipment.
  • Wreck penetration.
  • The parameters of wreck diving.
  • RAID’s 10 point guide to wreck diving.
  • What you can do to further your knowledge and skill.


  • To be a minimum of 15 years old.
  • Certified RAID Advanced 35 diver or equivalent.
  • Complete the RAID registration procedures.