RAID Advanced 35 Diver

RAID Advanced 35 Diver

RAID Advanced 35

The RAID Advanced 35 Diver course is naturally the next step after completing your Open Water 20 course. It will help to improve your in-water confidence as you learn about and practice dive planning, underwater navigation, deep diving, buoyancy skills and finning techniques. The RAID Advanced 35 course is far superior to any other advanced training that you will receive on the market today. 

Beginning right from the start in your online theory, you will be introduced to and review gas planning formulas such as SAC (surface air consumption), EAD (equivalent air depth) and Dalton’s triangle in order to maximise your dive time, understand how to find the most ideal Nitrox mix for your planned dive and how to carry it all out safely – leaving nothing to chance!

In your pool training session you will have the chance to review and build on skills that you learned during your open water training as well as learn new, more advanced skills such as deploying an SMB from depth, additional underwater navigation skills and even an introduction to rescue techniques! RAID also offers a unique approach to perfecting finning techniques with a workshop designed to teach you how and when to flutter kick, modified flutter kick and frog kick. Dive Newcastle will also throw in an introduction to helicopter turns and reverse finning techniques!

Your 6 open water dives will consist of a buoyancy dive, navigation dive, rescue dive, deep dive to a maximum of 30 metres, a deep dive to a maximum of 35 metres and 1 elective dive – all where you will have the chance to move your new skills into the marine environment. At the completion of this course you will be certified to dive internationally to a maximum depth of 35 metres. As an added bonus, these dives are also the first 2 dives of the RAID Deep 40 speciality!

Includes: All theory, all scuba hardware, 1 pool dive and 6 open water dives.

Excludes: All soft wear (mask, snorkel, fins and boots) and accessories (Spool/reel, SMB (with a reel attachment for underwater deployment), dive knife, compass and slate/pencil).


(Subject to the General Diving Standards, this may change without notice):-

  • Be 15 years of age or over.
  • Have a minimum of 4 hours logged underwater in an Open Water environment.
  • Have a RAID Open Water 20 or RAID Explorer 30 Specialty or equivalent certification from a recognised training agency.
  • Documented proof of prerequisite requirements needs to be presented to the appointed Dive Centre for approval prior to any in-water training.