XR3 Neoprene Latex Dry Suit

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The XR3 Neoprene Lattice has been redesigned with brand new high-density neoprene, which provides strength and high vestibility. Lovers of neoprene waterproof will find truly premium features within this product. Designed to be warm where needed and sturdy at points of greatest friction. It has a neoprene collar to give greater vascularity and latex cuffs to avoid annoying infiltrations. The feet are stored in a comfortable and warm boot that also allows for comfortable walking. A convenient draining pocket and wide elastic straps make it the ideal product for you.

The key features of the XR3 Neoprene Lattice are:
• New 4mm super flexible high density neoprene - sturdy yet stretchy
• Comfortable wide elastic pre-fitted and adjustable braces
• 4mm neoprene collar
• Latex cuffs
• New improved design redefined and sizing tested offering maximum flexibility
• A large zippered pocket on the right leg
• New kevlar/xr reinforcements for knee, shoulder and back protection
• Rear watertight zipper - Mares xr exclusive fill and drain valves
• Watertight seal around the neck ( hook and loop closure) and complete insulation from the hood to prevent water infiltration
• New 4 mm smooth watertight hood
• New and more robust mat bag

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