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Oceanic's Veo 4.0 Wrist Computer is the ultimate dive computer for entry level divers looking for a device that's manageable but with the features to track and improve the diving experience. A 20% slimmer design from previous models makes this a seamless design you'll want to wear during your day-to-day life. The wider display with easy to read digits makes interpretation of data seamless.

One of the great modern features of this device is its ability to connect to your mobile device via Bluetooth using the DiverLog+ App. This allows for sharing of data and setting management on the go. Adjust gas mixes, change the Dual Algorithm, the display and your alarms either pre or post-dive. Plan your dive and set alerts for times and depths and select gas mixes. After your dive download and share your dive information and add comments, pictures and videos to go along with it. A search query allows you to look for dive data by filtering by location and dive data information.

Oceanic's patented Dual Algorithm has multiple settings so you can choose your preferred decompression algorithm without compromising on safety. Choose between the DSAT (Spencer/Powell data basis) and Pelagic Z+ (Buhlmann ZHL-16C data basis) to provide no-decompression and decompression profiles.


Oceanic Veo 4.0 Wrist Computer Features:

  • Entry level dive computer
  • Aesthetic slim design with a clear interface
    • 20% slimmer profile
  • Bluetooth connection to your mobile device through the DiverLog+ App free from the app store
    • View, manage and share data post dive
    • Adjust gas mixes and modes (Nitrox and air, gauge and free dive)
    • Switch Dual Algorithm
    • Or view data on the go
  • Fitted with Oceanic's patented Dual Algorithm
    • Four operating modes
  • 2 push button navigation
  • Decompression capability from 10-60ft (3-18m)
  • Automatic or adjustable prompts and audible alarms
  • SmartGlo backlight for readability in low light conditions
  • Diver-replaceable batteries

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