Oceanic Vortex V12 Fins

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Oceanic V12 Fins

Efficient power. The V-12 Fin is an engineering revolution - designed from the ground up to deliver what others only promise - enhanced speed and efficiency with virtually no effort for the diver, regardless of size, strength or kicking style. Independent testing has shown that greater efficiency, resulting in reduced air consumption is achieved when using the V-12 than any other fin on the market.

Faster and more efficient, our Propulsion Enhancing Vents (PEV) Fin Technology maintains comfort and control while enabling you to exert less effort, stress and strain with each stride.

During the fin stroke, water flow is directed through our exclusive PEV's and off the fin tips, creating lift and forward propulsion. This helps reduce the stress on the divers leg while accelerating water over the blade; resulting in increased velocity. Water movement through the PEV's also reduce lateral movement of the fin (wasted energy), increasing the efficiency of the kick.


  • Stainless steel bungee straps

  • Duroprene and natural rubber fin
  • Rigid side rails
  • Split blade
  • Propel Like technology
  • Ergonomic foot pocket
  • Quick release buckles
  • Oversized strap handle
  • Wide comfortable foot pocket
  • Conserves air and energy
  • Easy on your legs
  • Suitable for diving and snorkelling

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