Ocean Pro Tour Package

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Ocean Pro Tour Package

Developed as an all-round high-quality snorkelling set at a great value for the money price point. The Ocean Pro Tour products will ensure you are comfortable during your water adventures!


  • Ocean Pro Tour Mask
  • Ocean Pro Tour Snorkel
  • Ocean Pro Tour Fins
  • Mesh carry bag


Ocean Pro Tour Mask

Fit for comfort and to provide you with high visibility, the Ocean Pro Tour Mask will enhance your underwater experience!


  • High grade Silicone mask, fitting a wide face variety

  • Comfortable

  • Tempered glass for high visibility


Ocean Pro Tour Snorkel

The basic design of the Ocean Pro Tour Snorkel has comfort and convenience in mind. 


  • Pre-curved snorkel for optimal form and function

  • Reflective snorkel top for safety


Ocean Pro Tour Fins

The Oceanpro Tour fin is an economical fin, perfect for snorkelling, with a vented blade and closed heel design. Packing a surprising amount of thrust for its size a weight, the Tour fin is designed to take you on any snorkelling adventure you throw at it. 


  • Soft comfort pocket with channel performance blade

  • Available in sizes (US): 3-5, 6-7, 8-10 & 11-13


Mesh Carry Bag


  • Reusable

  • Provides product protection when transporting

  • Convenient

  • Travel friendly

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