Top Gun Rocky Moss 3mm Full Suit LJ - Womens

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When it comes to Spearfishing wetsuits this truly is the “Top Gun”

The worlds best Spearfishing wetsuit is made right here in Australia. We start with the finest Japanese engineered neoprene, softer and stretchier than any suit you have worn before.    

The external “disruptive” pattern is designed to mimic the ocean and make you blend in for stealth. 

We hand craft every suit for a perfect fit. Until you slide into a Top Gun Wetsuit you will not have experienced just how comfortable you can be in a wetsuit. 

We have re- enforced knees and bottom of the jacket with Duraflex 

This suit has it al, even a knife pocket on the left forum for quick access if needed. 

100% Guarantee
We guarantee this suit will perform as advertised or your money back. 

As these suits are made in Newcastle Australia repairs, alterations or additions can be done seamlessly. 

Neptune warrant all suits for 2 years and offer lifetime repair warranty on seams.

Cheaper suits are often flat locked and water can enter through the seams. The Top Gun is stitched and glued and 100% water tight . 

Open Cell or Lined ?
Open cell neoprene is essentially the raw neoprene cut to expose air cells that effectively create suction cups that cling to the skin and create a seal that prevent water movement through the suit. 

The disadvantage with this is it can tear if not treated properly and it is more difficult (costly) to make. It also requires lubricant (either hair conditioner with water or a commercial suit lubricant). 

However the benefits far outweigh the downsides. Your suit will be much warmer and with lubrication it will slide on and off quicker than a lined suit. 

We choose very high quality neoprene with great integral strength but even if you do get a cut it’s easy to repair with a bit of glue. 

Suit Configurations and sizes 
Neptune Top Gun comes in the largest range of sizes in the industry, men’s and women’s, open cell or lined, short pants or long john and jacket. 

We offer split options eg you can purchase pants and jackets separately. 

The Top Gun is hood attached for maximum warmth. 

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