Top Gun Hunter Package

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Top Gun Hunter Package


  • Top Gun Rocky Moss 3mm Jacket - Mens
  • Top Gun Rocky Moss 3mm Long Johns - Mens
  • Neptune Top Gun Spear Gun
  • Neptune M4 Mask
  • Neptune S3 Soft Snorkel
  • SEAC Motus Fins
  • Sharkskin Chillproof Sock
  • Neptune Ninja Dive Knife


Top Gun Rocky Moss 3mm Jacket - Mens

The worlds best Spearfishing wetsuit is made right here in Australia. We start with the finest Japanese engineered neoprene, softer and stretchier than any suit you have worn before.    

The external “disruptive” pattern is designed to mimic the ocean and make you blend in for stealth. 

Top Gun Rocky Moss 3mm Long Johns - Mens

We hand craft every suit for a perfect fit. Until you slide into a Top Gun Wetsuit you will not have experienced just how comfortable you can be in a wetsuit. 

We have re- enforced the knees with Duraflex 

This suit has it all, even a knife pocket on the left forum for quick access if needed. 

Neptune Top Gun Spear Gun

Technology S.O.T. designed to add strength to the side of the pipe where more tension is exerted, resulting in a rigid but light tube.
Easy exchange of the integral spear track between the two available options, open guide or included track.

Neptune M4 Mask

Very low volume silicone mask for diving, freediving or snorkelling!

Neptune S3 Soft Snorkel

Contoured snorkel for snorkelling, diving, freediving or spearfishing featuring

SEAC Motus Fins

SEACSUB presents you the new MOTUS diving fins designed for recreational diving and spearfishing, its innovative design allows you to exchange the fishing blade, made of special polymer that amplifies flexibility and performance .

Sharkskin Chillproof Sock
Your body's extremities lose heat rapidly so need protection from the cold. Sharkskin Chillproof socks keep your feet toasty warm and dry by wicking the moisture away. You can use them under your dive wetsuit boots or under your favourite watersports boots to help keep the feeling in your feet and toes.
Neptune Ninja Dive Knife
The Ninja Dive Knife is a lightweight and compact companion to any Spearo or Scuba Diver.

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