Cressi Thor Open Heel Fins

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Cressi Thor Open Heel Fins

Cressi Thor Open Heel Fins is a high performing fin for divers of all skill levels. It features a medium-strength blade that gives you maximum power with reduced fatigue of the legs. They are moulded using Cressi patented and exclusive system using high-end materials. The first being a comfortable thermo-rubbber anatomic foot pocket which encompasses the foot to ensure there is a great leg-to-fin thrust without any loss of energy.

A dual-density polypropylene is used to form the blade and creates a channelling effect. This means that energy is able to transfer in both up and down strokes of your kick. The fin’s blade has a differentiated thickness and gets thinner towards the edge to guarantee greater and more uniform bending.

The 2 lateral holes on the blade allow the negative force to disperse to give a more comfortable kick and enhance stability. The moulded blade made from plastic and rubber gives improved reactivity whilst the arched design of the fin boosts propulsion.


  • 3 Material Injection Blade

  • Arched Design for Ultimate in Power

  • 2 Lateral Holes on Blade

  • Comfortable Rubber Foot Pocket that is narrow fitting

  • Narrow fitting pocket

  • Thick side rails

  • Superior performance

  • Replaceable Bungee Straps

  • Medium strength blade

  • Suitable for diving or snorkelling

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