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As the name indicates the front mount snorkel attaches to the front of the head instead of the side like regular scuba or snorkeling snorkel equipment.

It also has a more of a streamlined shape where the tip bends towards the back of the head and the snorkel body is flatter instead of round.

And finally, it attaches to the head with a strap.

Front mount snorkel is designed to help swimmer's technique and the snorkel can do this in several ways.

First, when swimming with the center mount snorkel, the swimmer does not have to worry about breathing, therefore has one less thing to worry about and can bring undivided attention to some other part of the stroke such as body roll, early vertical forearm or healthy kick.

Second, the snorkel serves as a sensory cue to keep one's head down while swimming. The swimmer can use the snorkel as a reminder to look at the bottom.

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