Seacsub Super Deal Scuba Pack with computer.

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The Seac Smart BCD is a tough jacket style BC with a new integrated weight release system. The Smart is a simple and easy to use BCD that is great for beginner divers who like to travel,

Oceanic BUD Dive Computer is a universal backup dive computer that uses Dual Algorithm technology allowing you to adjust your dive computer's settings to closely match just about any other dive computer on the market making it the perfect backup device. This new dive computer is a must for every diver to carry because no matter what computers you are using, you will be able to set your B.U.D. to closely match any computers profile using Oceanic's Patented Dual Algorithm,

Comes with a spg gauge 

Product description SEAC P Synchro Octo Synchro yoke set 


- First stage materials: shiny chrome-plated brass
- Second stage materials: ultralight technopolymers
- HP outlets: 1
- LP outlets: 4
- First stage features: balanced piston
- Second stage features: Membrane block safety system.
- Anti-impact hood in rubber on the first stage.
- Membrane block safety system.
- Functional “Easy Purge System” cap.

Full package all set up ready to dive.

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