Spearfishing Startup Package With Hand Spear

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Spearfishing Startup Package

Bargain Buster- Only the best value products in the industry receive this designation, 

This is the ideal entry level package to cruise through the water with ease. The F1 is a relatively long bladed fin (but not as long as serious Spearfishing fins) with flexible channels for increased thrust for less effort. The full foot design, which is the choice of most spearos, hugs the foot with a very comfortable foot pocket 

The  very low volume M3 Neptune mask with black silicone skirt  is paired with the S4 snorkel with soft silicone mouthpiece. This simple J design is the choice for most spearos. 

  • Neptune M3 Mask
  • Neptune S4 Spearo Snorkel
  • Neptune F1 Fins
  • Neptune 1.5mm Neoprene Sock
  • Ocean Hunter Spear 2m


Neptune M3 Mask 

Very low volume silicone mask for freediving or spearfising.


  • High grade silicone skirt - great fit, long lasting and UV resistant

  • Durable technopolymer frame

  • Low internal volume allowing for effortless clearing

  • Twin lense tempered glass lenses

  • High grade silicone strap

  • Quick adjustment mask strap buckles

  • Will fit most face shapes


Neptune S4 Spearo Snorkel

Contoured snorkel for snorkelling, diving, freediving or spearfishing.


  • Countoured shape to ensure streamline positioning

  • Streamlined contoured 'J' design

  • Soft silicone mouthpiece for your comfort 

  • Mask retaining clip     


Neptune F1 Fins

High performance and high quality closed heel scuba diving or snorkelling fin 


  • Soft flexible foot pocket with rigid sole enables maximum thrust and comfort

  • Great fit designed to be worn with bare foot or neoprene sock

  • Flex blade features rigid rails and soft centre panel to scoop water and create for thrust for less effort

  • Available in Blue or Black

Neptune 1.5mm Neoprene Sock

High Quality 1.5mm  Neoprene sock for diving, spearfishing, and watersports.


Ocean Hunter Spear 2m - Yellow

The two piece, 2 meter fibreglass hand spear has more weight than the cheaper aluminium hand spear to drive faster to catch more fish. This is a durable quality product complete with carry case.

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