Shearwater Teric Colour strap Kit single colour

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Introducing brand new stainless steel silver and blue bezels and an array of colourful straps for the Shearwater Teric. With ten new wrist strap colours (one is a nylon strap) and two new bezels to choose from, there's a way for everyone to colour their dive.

When purchasing a Teric, you can now choose between a stainless steel blue or silver bezel, on top of our original black. All new Teric's come with a standard black strap. But, with the option to upgrade to any of our new strap colours, the possibilities are endless. Match your watch to your dive, or wetsuit, or drysuit or personality. With a standard 22mm strap size, it's easy to try new colour combinations, for every dive.

This marina blue shark camo is a nylon strap. It comes in two lengths. Regular for daily wear or wetsuit and extra long for drysuit.

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