SEAC Smart Package

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SEAC Smart Package

The SEAC Smart Package features Italian made, high-quality products. This package includes everything most divers will ever need. This is the perfect package for new divers!


  • SEAC Smart BCD
  • SEAC P Synchro Octo Synchro Reg Set
  • SEAC Screen Console


SEAC P Synchro Octo Synchro Reg Set


  • First stage body material: Polished chrome-plated brass

  • Second stage body material: Ultralight technopolymers

  • HP Ports: 1

  • LP ports: 4

  • First stage features: Compressed-piston

  • Second stage features: Made using ultralight technopolymers, option to regulate the Venturi effect.

SEAC First Stage

Piston first stage with one high-pressure and 4 low-pressure outlets

SEAC Second Stage

Simple and functional second stage. Its large diaphragm ensures natural breathing at all times and the Venturi effect can be adjusted by means of a simple lever. Available with INT and DIN 230 BAR fittings


The SEAC Smart BCD is a traditional BC characterized by a reinforced bladder and a quick release system for the weights. SEAC Smart is a robust, compact and easy to use BCD, great for beginner divers and those who love to travel. On both sides there are separate pockets for weights and accessories. The lead pockets have two velcro openings, one at the top to insert the leads and another at the bottom to ensure quick release of the sinker in case of need. The lead release system is of the Safety Release type, with silver buckle and handle for greater visibility. The storage pockets are instead closed with sturdy anti-corrosion zips.


  • Pocketless Weight pouches: Don't lose any pockets when dumping lead!

  • Bladder external material: PU-coated 1000D Cordura

  • Bladder Internal material: PU-coated 500D Cordura

  • Dump valves: 3, with pull cord

  • D rings: Six 25-mm in stainless steel


SEAC Screen Console

From the novice to the experienced diver, the SEAC Screen provides complete data and calculations with its easy-to-read display, intuitive alerts and user-friendly menu.

Console including compute screen and pressure gauge:

  • SCUBA MODE: Bühlmann ZHL-16C deco algorithm, with managing for 1 or 2 mixes (air, Nitrox, or mixes with O2 concentration up to 99%)

  • FREEDIVING MODE: Dive/surface time, current/maximum depth

  • GAUGE MODE: Depth gauge and stopwatch to manage your dive profiles independently

  • LCD screen with contrast and adjustable backlight intensity

  • 100 mt. Water resistant

  • LCD screen

  • OS/windows dive manager

  • CR2450 battery

  • Anti-shock shield included

  • Adjustable backlight

  • Date

  • Alarm

  • Pressure gauge included


This is everything a new diver will need and more! If you're looking to go next level check out some of our higher end sets. They all represent great value.

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