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Product description SEAC Motus

SEACSUB presents you the new MOTUS diving fins designed for recreational diving and spearfishing, its innovative design allows you to exchange the fishing blade, made of special polymer that amplifies flexibility and performance .

It has a resistant and high density Thermoplastic rubber pocket. To increase thrust optimization with less effort, it is designed at a 22 degree angle between the blade and your foot. This model of fins can be used perfectly by men and women who want to practice underwater diving. They are very comfortable and comfortable.

Seac Motus Long Free Diving Soft and Powerful Fins for Spearfishing.

SEACs new Motus Diving Fins come with an interchangeable blade made using a special techno polymer with a formulation focused on the blades flexibility and reactivity.

Foot pocket is comprised of hard thermoplastic rubber with dual material density-hard in the sole and ribbing soft for the foot-that optimizes comfort and performance.

Features 22-degree angle between blade and foot to optimize power of the thrust with less effort.


Innovative free diving fins available in black or blue camouflage or green camouflage.

Interchangeable blade made from special techno polymer that maximizes flexibility and reactivity.

Hard thermoplastic rubber foot pocket with dual material density.

22-degree angle between blade and foot optimizes thrust power with less effort.

Different sizes fit men and women over a wide range from mens US sizing 4.5 to 14.

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