SEAC F-100 Package

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SEAC F-100 Package

SEAC aim to give you a unique and amazing experiences with their gear - the F-100 package is not an exception! Featuring SEAC's comfortable, durable and all-rounder F-100 PRO full foot fins alongside other high-quality SEAC products, this package will boost your underwater experiences. 


  • Italia Mask Twin Lense
  • SEAC F-100 PRO Full Foot Fins
  • SEAC Vortex Snorkel Black/Red


SEAC Italia Mask

Made in Italy, the SEAC Italia is a twin lense diving mask designed specifically for both recreational and professional scuba diving. This design focuses its attention to detail for an effective dive while offering an attractive aesthetic. 


  • Twin symmetrical lenses
  • The frame of the SEAC Italia mask is made of a durable polycarbonate and houses two symmetrical lenses in a tempered ultra clear optical glass with a thickness of 3 mm

  • The frame inserts are finished in a chromed metal and the screws are in stainless steel

  • Offers different skirts made from a soft hypoallergenic silicone in transparent, white and black colours

  • Comfort is guaranteed by the tilting and folding buckles on the sides of the mask

  • Adjustable straps that fix firmly behind the head ensure comfort

  • Transparent lenses and mirrored lenses increase the contrast of light and visibility under water by 45%

SEAC F-100 PRO Full Foot Fins

The SEAC F-100 Pro fins can be safely used for snorkelling and spearfishing and are perfect for scuba diving in warmer water! Light, yet durable, strong yet comfortable, these fins are the ideal accessory for any water activity. 


  • Anatomical shoe in a thermoplastic rubber that holds the fin firmly in place using every movement in the sole of the shoe with non-slip rubber inserts

  • 25 ° curved blade that increases performance with minimum effort, designed with a combination of 3 different technopolymers to optimize the thrust

  • Exceptional resistance to wear thanks to the anti-abrasion rubber inserts

  • Available in various colours and sizes

  • The quality of the SEAC F 100 PRO fins are guaranteed by Seacsub SpA, a bench mark in the diving industry since 1971


SEAC Vortex Snorkel Black/Red

SEAC vortex is ideal for snorkelling! 


  • Top Antipas to reduce water infiltration

  • Liquid silicone upright corrugated

  • Dump valve for quick emptying

  • Silicone mouthpiece with comfortable ergonomic fit


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