Scuba Snorkel Sports Package

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Scuba Snorkel Sports Package

The Sports Pack is great value set that is suitable for scuba diving and features the  Scuba Pro Jet Sport fins from the world’s leading brand.


  • Scubapro Jet Sport Fins
  • Neptune M1 Mask
  • Neptune S1 Snorkel
  • Neptune 5mm Boot
  • Dive Newcastle Mask Tamer


Scubapro Jet Sport Fins

The jet sport adjustable's big, slightly stiff blade is a tri-material design featuring a pair of soft rubber panels framed in semi-stiff plastic and flanked by thin side rails, producing just the right amount of flex. There are also drag-reducing vents between the blade and foot pocket to decrease resistance on both up and down strokes. This combination generates propulsive kicking power, provides good stability and makes efficient work of frog and dolphin kicks. The fin is easy to manoeuvre too - very responsive in turns and at backing you out of tight spot. 


Neptune M1 Mask

Fashionable low volume silicone mask for diving or snorkelling.


  • High grade crystal silicone skirt - great fit, long lasting and UV resistant

  • Durable technopolymer frame

  • Low internal volume allowing for effortless clearing

  • Twin lense tempered glass lenses

  • High grade silicone strap

  • Quick adjustment mask strap buckles

  • Will fit most face shapes

  • Available in Blue/Clear, Red/Clear, Blue/Black



Neptune S1 Snorkel

The Neptune S1 Snorkel is perfect for surface snorkelling or Scuba diving. It features a wide bore design with superior airflow and easy breathing effort. The splash guard at the top prevents water from entering and the one way drain on the bottom allows water to drain out with every exhale.


  • Purge valve for easy clearing

  • Splash guard prevents water spray and waves from flooding snorkel

  • Corrugated drop away design ideal for Scuba diving


Neptune Explorer 5mm Hard Sole boot

A robust Heavy Duty sole, this boot is designed to be used as a general watersports boot
or with open heel fins. Made from soft 5mm neoprene with a robust zip from the sole to
the ankle, making them easy to slip on and off.

Water seepage is reduced to the minimum thanks to a thin flap seal under the zip, which acts as an effective barrier against any water. Strong non-slip moulding covers the entire sole. Reinforcements on the back of the foot and the heel provide protection against wear and tear.


  • Semi Dry Seal

  • Heavy Duty soles Toe Cap

  • Heel Protection

  • Non slip tread

  • Heavy Duty Zip

 For ladies sizing please check the chart below; 


Dive Newcastle Mask Tamer


  • Slide on - simple donning/doffing process

  • Australian made 

  • Made with comfort in mind

  • Prevents entanglement with hair

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