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The Salvimar Krypsis Fin Backpack is a stylish yet practical gear bag for all things spearfishing. It's the perfect travel case to cart your gear around in whether you're travelling near or far.

The Salvimar Krypsis Fin Backpack is made of a sturdy, tear-resistant waterproof nylon material, with an obvious Krypsis 3D camo design. The Krypsis bag features a large central pocket with 3 openings, plus a smaller front pocket, and also has side supports for a speargun or pneumatic fixing.

At a total of 112cm in length, the bag will even fit longer diving fins comfortably along with your other spearfishing gear.


  • Tear-resistant waterproof nylon material
  • Large central pocket with 3 openings
  • Side supports to hold a speargun
  • Adjustable shoulder straps

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