S-Tek Spinner Spool

Length: 15m
Sale price$90.00


Evoking the distinctive design of SCUBAPRO’s classic G250 second stage, these premium spinner spools come in three line lengths and are super easy to use. The key to each spool’s user-friendliness can be found in the exclusive SCUBAPRO-branded spinner discs located at the center point of the spool; the discs remain static while the spool spins and the line plays out. Consequently, the spool will not try to rotate out of your hand like normal spools do, allowing for a more secure grip while playing out line. You can adjust the tension on the line by squeezing the spinner discs together, forming a disc brake effect.

• Spinner discs remain static while the spool spins, so the spool will not rotate out of your hand like normal spools can.

• Design allows for a secure, comfortable grip while playing out line.

• Made of durable injection-molded fiberglass reinforced nylon with stainless steel axle and screws.

• Body of the spool is designed so that it can be easily clipped off to a bolt snap.

• Includes a stainless steel bolt snap.

• Available in three line lengths (50ft/15m, 100ft/30m, 150ft/45m).

• Also available: spinner disc color kits.

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