Rob Allen Scorpia Fin Package

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Rob Allen Scorpia Fin Package

The Rob Allen Scorpia Fin Package is the perfect package to get you started with spearfishing or to refresh your kit! Instructors choice!


  • Rob Allen Scorpia Full Foot Fins
  • Rob Allen Couta Mask
  • Rob Allen Whitetip Snorkel

Rob Allen Scorpia Fins are perfect for those who are just new to diving through to intermediate divers. Some argue that this fin could be regarded as one of the best fitting fins on the market today due to its inclusion of extremely comfortable foot pocket constructed of a moulded rubber.

The blade itself has been softened to limit stress on the legs. To counter for a loss in blade rigidity, a multitude of channels have been included down the length of the blade to ensure optimal water channelling and prevention of lateral slipping, ensuring that water is propelled directly along the blades length to the tip providing high power output. The length of the fins at 92cm means that this propulsion process displaces large volumes of water to produce speed with minimal energy.

The Rob Allen Couta Mask has been conceived and designed exclusively for divers and the conditions we dive in. The inclusion of a single lens improves depth perception and overall vision. It features a 100% black silicone skirt and adjustable straps with easy squeeze side clips.

The Rob Allen Whitetip Snorkel features a large bore for ease of breathing during repetitive dives and because it is completely flexible in the bore it stops dangerous snagging issues with float lines or rigging. This semi rigid flexible design also helps with divers who wish to chase crayfish as it stops the snorkel from becoming a snagging hazard in overhead cave environments. The mouthpiece is made from a soft Hypoallergenic silicone which stops rubbing on your gums and removes issues with jaw fatigue.

Get yourself into the water and going...

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