Rob Allen Remora 1.5bar Inflatable 11L Float

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Rob Allen Remora 1.5bar Inflatable 11L Float has been designed to provide lift at up to 1.5 bar for a huge lift capacity. This extreme buoyancy is perfect for blue water game fishing where this trait is needed most. The streamline torpedo shape of the float limits the intensity of resistance with the water and wind at the surface, making towing the float much easier.

The float has been designed in bright yellow and red to maximise visibility and make your presence in the water known to other divers and boats. Two longline clips have been fitted, with one at either end.

An inflatable design means that it can easily be packed down when deflated and take up minimal space, perfect for travelling. The Remora float has been upgraded to include a more durable, integrated bladder.

Rob Allen Remora 1.5bar Inflatable 11L Float Features

  • 1.5 bar rated
  • Ideal for blue water game fishing
  • High visibility
  • Travel capable design
  • Streamline design
  • Heavy duty tire inflator valve
  • Two longline clips

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