Rob Allen King Package

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Rob Allen King Package

Featuring the high performance, highly durable Rob Allen Sparid Evo this package is made up and ready to go for the spearo. 


  • Rob Allen Sparid Evo
  • Rob Allen Hard Float
  • Ocean Hunter 15m Float Line


The Rob Allen Sparid Evo is the well-renowned brand’s newest addition to the Sparid lineage.  Building on previous designs of the Evo, which is a gun characterised by durability and performance. With Rob Allen working directly on the design of this gun, you know you’ll be getting your moneys worth.  The build combines many of his personal favourite components in one gun.


  • Rob Allen Lifetime warranty on core components

  • Vecta 2 handle with the latest gen 9 internals

  • Loading butt for reduced pressure on the chest when loading

  • SS line release and reinforced SS sear ensure durability

  • Kevlar reinforced trigger

  • Heavy Duty Alloy barrel with an integrated rail

  • HD glass filled nylon low profile double rubber closed muzzle

  • Heavy Duty gun bungee with snap clip

  • 2x 14mm RA Black power bands with Dyneema bridles

  • RA 7mm double notch hand tuned spear with reinforced barb

  • Tricut head spear shaft made from 2100MPA spring steel

  • Sparid Evo Ghost Camo

  • Shark clip with swivel

  • HD 1.8mm 450lb mono shooting line

  • Available lengths: 90cm, 100cm, 110cm, 120cm, 130cm, 140cm


The Rob Allen Hard Float

The Rob Allen Hard Float is a new 7 Litre design. The new profile packs up in your Sportube much better than the older models. We took this float out and gave it a good run in the clearest water we’ve seen all year. We really liked the way it sat in the water, highly visible to boat traffic and really tough. I ran this float together with a Float Line Bungie Combo and had a great wahoo setup. 

The Rob Allen Float has a very tough Polyethylene Outer Shell. The Polyethylene shell is the same material that kayaks are made out of. They can take an absolute beating and still perform.


Ocean Hunter 15m Float Line

Features a puncture free buoyant cored float line material that reduces the incidents of catching on reef, also includes a speed needle to easily thread your catch to the line and a speed stringer which attaches to the float and secure your fish on a coated wire trace with flopper which is a common sense way to ensure your float line can’t be bitten through and avoids potentially losing your float.

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