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Ocean Hunter Startup Spearfishing Package

This package features Ocean Hunter's Spirit Fins combined with high-quality Neptune products. The Spirit Fins are European designed long bladed fins, ideal for spearfishing and freediving made with comfort and performance in mind. This is the perfect startup package!


  • Ocean Hunter Spirit Fins
  • Neptune M4 Mask
  • Neptune S3 Soft Snorkel
  • Neptune 1.5mm Neoprene Socks


Spirit Fins

The Ocean Hunter Spirit Freediving Fins are European designed long bladed fins, made specifically for spearfishing and freediving. They incorporate comfortable thermo synthetic rubber foot pockets for ease of use and an angled Tri material blade for maximum thrust and acceleration.


  • Great value spearfishing fins

  • Freediving long blade

  • Super comfortable rubber foot pocket

  • Tri-material construction

  • Available to order in other camouflage colours (blue and black), each representing different stiffness (rigidity) of blades

  • Blue Blades offer a super soft flex

  • Black and Green offer a standard flex

  • Extremely durable and totally reactive

  • Unique ribbed blades angle at 20 degrees from the foot pocket for maximum performance

  • The innovative foot pockets are made of thermo synthetic rubber with two different grades of hardness to combine the best in comfort and performance

  • We choose to stock the soft and flex variety, as stiffer fins usually only result in muscle cramps and earlier exhaustion of the diver



Neptune M4 Mask

The Neptune M4 Mask is made of very low volume silicone perfect for diving, freediving or snorkelling.


  • High grade silicone skirt - great fit, long lasting and UV resistant

  • Durable technopolymer frame

  • Low internal volume allowing for effortless clearing

  • Twin lense tempered glass lenses

  • High grade silicone strap

  • Quick adjustment mask strap buckles

  • Will fit most face shapes

  • Available in Black/Black Phantom Mask and Snorkel Set


Neptune S3 Soft Snorkel

The Neptune S3 Soft Snorkel for snorkelling, diving, freediving or spearfishing.


  •  High performance silicone material - long lasting and UV resistant

  • Countoured shape to ensure streamline positioning

  • Silicone Mouthpiece

  • Quick release mask retaining clip

  • Available in Black


Neptune 1.5mm Neoprene Socks

High Quality 1.5mm Neoprene socks for diving, spearfishing and watersports.

For Spearos and Freedivers it's a must have to ensure comfort and high performance when using long fins.

Scuba divers can also use the socks with diving boots and open-heel fins. to provide extra warmth when spending a long time in the water. Warmth is considerably increased and it is also easier to put on your wetsuit boots, and we all know how hard that can be.


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