Neptune "Ready for Scuba" Snorkel set

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Learning to dive? Getting back in the water after a break? This fantastic value package has everything you need to get started at the best price!

Neptune F2 Fins

  •  Soft flexible foot pocket with rigid sole enables maximum thrust and comfort
  •  Great fit designed to be worn with a neoprene boot.
  •  Adjustable straps with quick release buckles
  • Flex blade features rigid rails and soft centre panel to scoop water and create for thrust for less effort
  • Available in Blue or Black

Neptune M1 Mask:

  • Soft sillicone skirt
  • Low volume mask with a wide field of view
  • Adjustable silicone straps

Neptune S1 Snorkel:

  • Purge valve for easy clearing
  • Splash guard prevents water spray and waves from flooding snorkel
  • Corrugated drop away design ideal for Scuba diving


Size Recommendation:

US 6-7 Boot = S/M Fin

US 8-10 Boot = M/L Fin

US 11-13 Boot = L/XL Fin

(Note: this is only an estimate)

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