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Customisable mouthpiece designed to offer a personalised fit like no other. Utilising sports mouthguard mouldable technology to create by far the best fitting regulator custom to your needs.

Instructions for moulding your Neptune Mouldable Mouthpiece. 

Parts and Up Symbol:

The thumb tab used to hold the mouthpiece while moulding also acts to keep the regulator orifice end in shape for easy fitting to your regulator later.

Bite Spacers located along the two bitewings: These Lateral Stops are inserted in the bitewings to maintain the optimum thickness of the material between the upper and lower teeth during moulding.

Up Symbol indicates the correct position and direction for the mouthpiece when placing it into your mouth.

Moulding Directions:

1/ Ensure the moulding thumb tab and bite spacers are correctly inserted. Insert the mouthpiece in your mouth with the UP symbol toward your upper teeth as a practise run before starting. 

2/ Bring a small pot of water to the boil, this needs to be around 100mm or 4 inches deep. Prepare a bowl of Ice cold water while waiting for the water to boil for cooling your mouthpiece after moulding. 

3/) Immerse your mouthpiece up to the thumb tab only avoiding toughing the bottom of the pot with the mouthpiece wings. Immerse the mouthpiece for up to 15 seconds only Do not immerse beyond the tab or leave the mouthpiece in the water for more than 15 seconds. 

3/ Quickly remove your mouthpiece from the water and shake off all excess water on the mouthpiece.

4/ Place the mouthpiece in your mouth immediately and close your mouth and clench your teeth together firmly. Suck out any air and water for a few seconds to obtain ideal adhesion around the teeth. Massage your cheeks firmly at the same time with your fingers.

5/ Keep the mouthpiece in position and bite down on the mouthpiece wings for about 2 minutes, then remove the mouthpiece and place it in your bowl of cold water for 3 minutes.

6/ Remove your mouthpiece from the bowl of cold water and insert the mouthpiece in your mouth to test for a comfort and fit. If it has not moulded perfectly you can repeat the process following the same procedures above. If you find it has moulded perfectly and is comfortable you can remove the thumb tab and bite spaces on the mouthpiece. 

7/ Securely fit the mouthpiece onto your second stage tightly using a zip tie, cut the zip tie loose leftover end once tightened and file down any sharp ends of the zip tie with a file (Nail file works well) .

Test it again for breathability and do a normal predive leak test before diving . (Leak test can be done using a light vacuum test, breath in lightly with the regulator second stage in your mouth and no air turned on. If regulator is not on a tank you need to have the dust cap in place and while sucking lightly you should not notice any air leaks and your second stage should seal providing no air.) 

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