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Neptune Accelerate Bundle Includes: 

Neptune Accelerate Fins
The Neptune Accelerate fin uses a channelled blade design and is made with an open heel SCUBA fin making it a high-performance fin that enhances any scuba experience! The fins performance is improved by the channels as they increase the surface area of the fin while giving thrust direction. 

Neptune GoPro Plus Mask
Fit with a camera mount to make sure you can capture your underwater adventures, the Neptune M2 Mask is an incredible low volume mask which features a classic teardrop design with a slight downward angle for a superior field of view. The downward tilt allows a diver to have clear picture of their gear and surroundings.

Neptune S1 Snorkel 
The Neptune S1 Snorkel is perfect for surface snorkeling or Scuba diving. It features a wide bore design with superior airflow and easy breathing effort. The splash guard at the top prevents water from entering and the one way drain on the bottom allows water to drain out with every exhale.

Neptune Explorer Boots
A robust Heavy Duty sole, this boot is designed to be used as a general watersports boot or with open heel fins. Made from soft 5mm neoprene with a robust zip from the sole to the ankle, making them easy to slip on and off.

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