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Mares, founded in 1948, continue to produce extremely well designed scuba diving wetsuits and the 2018 Mens Flexa 5/4/3mm suit is a premium Men's scuba suit for diving in Australia.  Their 60 years of experience has given them unrivalled knowledge in the anatomy of a diver and this knowledge demands only the best materials and manufacturing techniques. 

The idea behind the 'Trilastic' 5/4/3mm neoprene is that the suit is optimised for scuba diving in the sense that Mares have laid thinner 3mm neoprene panels in the ares you need stretch and thicker 4mm and 5mm rubber where you need the most warmth: around your core.

The Mares Mens Flexa 5.4.3mm uses a Glued and Blind-Stitched Seam [GBS].  The seam uses a hooked needle that does not fully penetrate the neoprene because to do so creates a passage for water to enter the suit and that is bad!  The stitch itself is lightweight and highly stretchy but not the most durable however this issue is remedied by the complete gluing of the seams. 

 Mares Mens Flexa 5.4.3mm Scuba Diving Wetsuit Features:-

  • Trilastic 5/4/3mm Neoprene: Thinner neoprene where you need stretch and thicker neoprene where you need warmth.  This location of said thickness was decided by the anatomy of a human scuba diver.
  • Front Zip: The Mares Mens Flexa's new zip is very supple and won't dig into your body due to the zip gusset and unlike a backzip you won't have it digging into your spine! 
  • Glued and Blind-stitched Seams: The use of hooked needles leave the suit without any pin-holes, therefore, no water can move through the zip and make you cold, they then glue the seam to give it extra seal and durability.
  • BCD Optimised: Mares have coated the shoulders with an elastic polymer that minimises direct abrasion to the neoprene.  The Mares Mens Flexa Scuba Wetsuit uses additional layering around the shoulder and back to increase the comfort of your BCD.
  • Smart Pocket/Hood Buckle: The integrated hood buckle on the thigh means you've got a safe place to store your hood when you're above water.  

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