Mares Essence Liquidskin Mask

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Mares Essence Liquidskin Mask

The Essence is light and foldable with a wide field of vision. Quick-adjust buckles make this mask very user-friendly. The Essence features the exclusive Liquid-Skin, Bi-Silicone technology, which utilises 2 different types of silicone. Your getting a firmer portion for support structure and a softer portion for contact with your face, delivering unparalleled comfort and the perfect fit every time you delve under the water.


  • Single lens design

  • Essence mask with neoprene/nylon strap

  • Liquidskin for great comfort and ample field of vision

  • Quick-adjusting buckles on the skirt

  • Neoprene nylon strap to avoid the risk of breaking

  • The strap is also sold alone as an accessory

  • Light, flat foldable, easy to store in a pocket

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