Mares Children's Sea Pals Green Turtle Snorkelling Package

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Mares Children’s Sea Pals Green Turtle Snorkelling Package

Fit with a mask, snorkel, set of fins and a fun turtle shaped bag to put your items in, this package is a fun starter for little ones wanting to start their snorkelling journey!


  • Mares Sea Pals Turtle Backpack
  • Mares Sea Pals Junior Fins
  • Mares Seahorse Junior Mask
  • Mares Seahorse Junior Snorkel


Mares Sea Pals Turtle Backpack

While adding character, this backpack is a convenient option for storing and transporting this snorkelling package around. 


  • Fun and practical

  • Water sealing closure roll up and clip top with a vented bottom

  • Adjustable shoulder straps with mesh padding for added comfort


Mares Sea Pals Junior Fins

Bright in colour and soft for barefoot wear, these fins give comfort to the wearer and peace of mind to parents for easy spotting and knowing they are a durable choice. 


  • Adjustable green and black coloured open heel fins

  • Soft and comfortable barefoot fin pocket

  • Quick-release fin buckle system for easy removal and replacement

  • Great for snorkelling and swimming


Mares Seahorse Junior mask

With its quick-release strap buckles, this mask is perfect for children learning how to be independent when snorkelling!


  • Single lens mask with a wide field of vision

  • Quick-release mask strap buckles for easy donning and doffing

  • Clear skirt with bright green and yellow frame


Mares Seahorse Junior Snorkel

Bright green with yellow highlights to match the rest of this package! This snorkel has a smaller mouthpiece perfect to fit children.


  • Seahorse snorkel with child-sized mouthpiece

  • Compact dry top design guards against splashing, even when submerged

  • Easy exhale for simple purging and cleaning of water

  • Bright green with yellow highlights 

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