Mares Prestige Package

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Mares Prestige Package

Mares combine a love for the sea, a relentless quest for innovation and the very best performance into their products. This package features some epic products to ensure a comfortable and safe dive!


  • Mares Prestige BCD
  • Mares Abyss 62X Regulator
  • Mares Dual Octopus
  • Mares Mission 1 SPG


Mares Prestige BCD

The Prestige SLS BCD is comfortable, durable and gets the job done. Integrated weight pockets mean you can carry everything on your back and ditch the weight belt.

On the rear of the BCD are two non-dumpable weight compartments where you can place weights to balance you out. Four durable metal D-rings can have diving accessories attached to them.

The Prestige pockets are roomy for whatever gadgets you'd like to bring along for the dive. A dump valve is located on the right-hand shoulder and on the bottom rear right should you need to quickly ditch your gear in an emergency situation.



  • Excellent lift capacity

  • Light, strong and durable denier 420

  • Improved fit: Swiveling buckles, shoulders, low-cut Aircell

  • SLS integrated weight system

  • 3-dimensional zippered self-draining pockets

  • 2 rear trim weight pockets

  • Reduced weight: Travel-friendly
  • Weight system: SLS

  • Lift: 180N (Size L)

  • Material: Cordura®420

  • Rings: 2 x Stainless Steel D-rings, 4 x Heavy Duty Technopolymer D-rings

  • Weight: 3.9kg (Size L)

  • Backpack: Monoplate


Mares Abyss 62X Regulator

Mares Abyss 62X Regulator is Mares' most compact and lightweight regulator, weighing only 655 grams!

The Mares Abyss 2xcomes with two high pressure ports for gauges or transmitters and five low pressure ports, one port is vertical for flexibility of set up.


First Stage

  • 1 vertical and 4 radial LP ports (pat. pending)

  • Ideal for all tech and recreational diving configurations

  • Natural DFC on all LP ports

  • Pre-oriented HP ports

  • AST - First stage dry system

  • Pearl chrome finish

  • Compact dimensions 

Second Stage

  • High air flow  

  • Ultralight technopolymer  

  • Wide pivoting purge button  

  • Superflex hose

Mares Dual Octopus

The lightweight Octopus Dual is easy-to-use with high air flow, an oversized purge button and superflex hose!


  • Technopolymer

  • Lightweight

  • Oversized purge button

  • High air flow

  • Superflex hose


Mares Mission 1 SPG

The basic model of the new instrument line is the metal mission 1 pressure gauge, suitable for a pressure of 300 bar and integrated in a shockproof plastic case.

With excellent readability, ergonomic design and two eyelets for practical attachment, this is certainly an SPG that will enhance your diving experience.


  • New modular design

  • Multiple attachment points

  • New easy-to-read display

  • Brass case

  • Technopolymer window

  • Phosphorescent dial

  • Protective rubber console 

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