Mares Magellan Package

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Mares Magellan Package

The Mares Magellan package features high quality, comfortable and practical products to enhance your diving experience.


  • Magellan BCD
  • Mares Mission SPG
  • Dual Adj 62X
  • Dual Octo


Magellan BCD

The Mares Magellan BCD is a genuine travel Jacket. It is extremely lightweight and completely foldable thanks to the absence of a rigid backrest. The key element is the pre-shaped and contoured shoulder straps that allow you to dive with maximum freedom of movement.


  •  The true travel jacket: extremely lightweight

  •  Integrated quick release ballast system

  •  Optional trim weight system (to be placed on the tank strap)

  •  Foldable without a hard backrest

  •  Backrest with eyelet on strap for easy adjustment

  •  1 roll-up pocket

  •  Ergonomic concave shoulder straps ( patent pending): more comfortable on the chest/shoulders area

  •  Perfect for female divers

Mares Mission 1 SPG

The basic model of the new instrument line is the metal mission 1 pressure gauge, suitable for a pressure of 300 bar and integrated in a shockproof plastic case. The Mares Mission 1 SPG has excellent readability, ergonomic design and two eyelets for practical attachment to the jacket.


  • New modular design

  • Multiple attachment points

  • New easy-to-read display 

  • Brass case

  • Technopolymer window

  • Phosphorescent dial

  • Protective rubber console


Dual Adj 62X

The most lightweight regulator in the Mares line-up, the Dual Adj 62X is the perfect travelling diver's companion worldwide. Includes the 62X, the smallest, most compact first stage ever released by Mares, still boasting all of Mares regulators' innovative features!

First Stage Features:

  • Natural DFC 

  • Pre-oriented LP and HP ports 

  • AST - First Stage Dry System

  • Light, compact diaphragm first stage

  • All metal

  • Pearl chrome finish 


Second Stage Features:

  • Adjustable breathing comfort

  • Ultralight technopolymer 

  • Pad- Pneumatically assisted design 

  • High air flow

  • Lightweight

  • Oversized purge button

  • Superflex hose

Dual Octo

The lightweight Octopus Dual is easy-to-use with high air flow, an oversized purge button and superflex hose!


  • Technopolymer

  • Lightweight

  • Oversized purge button 

  • High air flow

  • Superflex hose

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