Salvimar Luigi Speargun Package

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Salvimar Pulse Speargun Package

The Salvimar Pulse Speargun Package represents outstanding value for money! The Salvimar Pulse is an authentic Italian made speargun that has been made to fit the Salvimar mission of designing a range of high quality products from the best technologies and superior design studies to still ensure a sporty aesthetic. 


  • Salvimar Pulse Speargun
  • Neptune Inflatable Float With Flag
  • Floatline - Pelaj Speedline 20m

Salvimar Pulse Speargun

This popular rail gun has been designed for the entry level spearo who is on a budget and is just getting started in the sport. When you talk value for money, this speargun certainly leaves its competition for dead and makes it ideal for those spearos wanting to hunt a variety of species and sizes.


  • Manufactured with a strong, one piece aluminium barrel

  • Barrel is made from a special aeronautical aluminium alloy with superior mechanical performance

  • Includes an integrated continuous moulded rail giving superior accuracy when fired from the gun

  • Barrel is protected by a special black anodised finish, also providing additional strength

  • Supplied with the Salvimar 6.5mm 17.4ph hardened shaft with two loading notches

  • Supplied with a heavy duty 70mm flopper

  • Powered via a single 14mm circular sling rubber with a Dyneema Wishbone and Brass Beads

  • Trigger mechanism features a stainless steel reverse style mechanism for 10cm of extra length on barrel size

  • Handle features a comfortable rubberised ergonomic grip and a safety lock

  • Superior handle design manufactured deliberately to ensure a lowered position of the butt to maintain a clear line of sight down the barrel for the spears

Neptune Inflatable Float with Flag

The Neptune inflatable float is designed with superb buoyancy to ensure you are safe from boat traffic and are able to keep your spear afloat. The design also allows you to store your catch to keep it at a safe distance from your person. 


  • Oral inflator throw away valve which is secured on the top of the float under the central nylon section 

  • Heavy duty webbing handles on sides and rear for ease of use

  • 4 Nylon D-Rings; time to accessorise! 

  • Weight pouch to ensure buoy remains upright

  • Removable flag

  • Float line included


Pelaj Speedline 20m Camo Floatline and Stringer

Designed to stretch and reduce the pressure off your rig, the Pelaj Speedline is ideal for spearos to hunt with the reassurance that their fish won't tear off. 

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