Cressi Itaca Ultra Dry Snorkel

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Cressi Itaca Ultra Dry Snorkel

The features at the top end an internationally patented dry guard, which prevents water entry while using it on the surface in any position. The new mechanical device has three movement joints, whose counterweight ensures immediate opening of the upper valve whether you dive or emerge from the water.

The lower part is equipped on the inner side with a smooth flexible corrugated section, which keeps the aerator away from the mouth while using any breathing apparatus.



  • Special patented new Aquastop valve: very efficient on up / down positions

  • Dry guard: seals breathing tube when submerged

  • Mouthpiece: drops away when not in use

  • Great for scuba divers

  • High-quality silicone mouthpiece: is comfortable and durable

  • Angled anatomical mouthpiece: reduces jaw fatigue

  • Lower purge valve: allows water to be quickly expelled

  • Streamlined design reduces drag while swimming

  • Adjustable clip for securing to any mask

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