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Hollis M-3 Mask

Visibility is the most important aspect of any dive. The M3 mask provides that with distortion free vision and superior fit. This low profile design uses a rigid frame and two lenses with an extra clear glass which is valued for its attractive appearance and optical qualities.The low iron content produces a higher light transmittance and a reduced green tint inherent in other glasses. This makes the lens distortion free and helps improve colour and visibility in low light conditions underwater.

The Ocean Pro Typhoon 2

is an evolution of the very popular Typhoon snorkel. The Typhoon 2 is ideal for Scuba diving or snorkelling and uses quality materials to ensure you have an enjoyable dive.

Hollis F2 Fins

Increase your power to weight ratio with our new F2 fins. If you are a traveling diver, looking to reduce weight or just favour a lightweight fin, look no further.  The patented F2 is designed to add blade surface on both the downstroke and upstroke to increase your efficiency with any type of kick. The F2 is injection molded using monoprene and uses a shorter blade design which packs easy and improves agility in tight areas.


Mission Boots 

The Ocean Pro Mission 5.0 Dive Boots are a 5mm in thickness so they can be worn all year round, even in the height of winter and will still keep you warm. They are classed as a hard sole which means that you can walk over rocks without feeling the sharpness underneath you, this is great for those divers who dive from land and have to hop over rocks to get to their desired dive spot. Even though these are much harder than the average dive boot, they still have just as much grip which is also very important as those rocks can definitely be slimy and slippery. The Mission 5.0 boots have an angled heel design which contours your foot and leg to give you maximum comfort and movement. With heavy duty YKK zippers means that they are going to last the test of time, with a little TLC of course. Available in sizes 5US - 12US.

 FREE Deco Bouy

Marker Buoy Closed Cell With Pouch. free

Sizing: The general size of this boot is in mens sizing, so female need to take roughly 2 sizes smaller.

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