Halcyon Intergrated ACB Weight Pockets (pair)

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Halcyon’s patented Active Control Ballast (ACB) system securely holds up to 5 lbs of weight per weight pocket while still allowing quick release when needed. Weights are placed in an interior pouch with a handy carry handle and velcro flap, then the entire pouch is slid inside the rugged cordura outer pouch that is held shut with a fastex buckle.

The entire pocket can be easily slid onto an existing weight pouch and secured via an additional small piece of webbing attached to the backplate. The left hand pocket also has a D-ring attached to the outside of the pocket for clipping off the SPG.


  • Releasable weight pockets worn on waist band
  • 10 lbs (4.5 kg) with 5 lbs per side
  • Vertical orientation
  • Available in select color options (see color options menu)

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