Isolation Manifold 232 BAR

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Sanosub manifolds are the standard manifolds that come with most Faber steel twin sets in Australia. The manifold system is made up from two Sanosub DIN/K manifold valves (one LHS and one RHS) and an isolation bar.

The isolation bar is available in three different lengths 150mm (5.9"), 192mm (7.6") and 212mm (8.4"). Generally speaking (depending on which tank bands you use), the 150mm bar is meant for 5L and 7L Faber tanks, the 192mm for 9L, 10.5L and 12.2L Faber tanks and the 212mm for 15L and 18L Faber tanks. 

This manifold is the most durable on the market and are the manifold of choice of technical divers around Australia.

Both valves come with an insert, so they can be used with yoke regulators. This threaded insert can easily be removed with an allen key so the valves can be used with DIN regulators. 

The valve thread is 3/4" NPSM and will fit most scuba tanks bought in Australia.

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