Faber 10.5L Twinset 232 BAR

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Faber 10.5 Litre Twinset is the ideal starndard for twinset diving. This set includes 2 sets 10.5L steel cylinders, 2 sets of tank bands and DIN/K valves with a manifold. 

232 bar Cylinder Specifications:

  • ·         Fill pressure: 232 bar (3365 psi)
  • ·         Test pressure: 348 bar (5047 psi)
  • ·         Standard: BS 5045 Pt 1
  • ·         Material: Chromium Molybdenum Alloy Steel
  • ·         Manufacturing Process: Cold deep drawing from steel plate
  • ·         Primary Finish: Hot Zinc sprayed, layer thickness 60/70 microns
  • ·         Final Finish: 2 part polyurethane white/yellow paint sprayed and air dried
  • ·         Internal Finish: Chemically treated with Ferrous Phosphate
  • ·         Neck Thread: 3/4 inch NPSM

All Cylinders are shipped empty. Assembly required.

Note: All Twinsets are special order products and may have a 3-4 day processing time

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