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The Zeagle F8 yoke regulator is just another high-performance product from Zeagle. Designed from a combination of durable brass, stainless steel in the first stage and softer components in the second stage to provide comfort. 

1st Stage:

The first stage of the regulator is designed for durability and performance with a brass body, stainless steel HP Valve and neoflon seat. Throw any conditions at this yoke and it can handle them, with a balanced diaphragm and environmentally sealed ambient chamber. One of the key aims of this reg design is the focus to ergonomics, which shows in the redesign of the environmental seal cap and yoke knob.

2nd Stage:

The second stage is where ergonomics and comfort really come into play in the practical design of the F8. A soft silicone mouthpiece, co-moulded, fits comfortably in the mouth preventing jaw fatigue.

For seamless breathing, the inhalation design has been reformed giving superior tear strength and immediate response to breathing using, with a super soft silicone moulded over a low friction disk. The exhaust valve is extremely efficient in expelling outflow and makes exhalation effortless. 

A seat-saving orifice designed by Atomic Aquatics prevents any unnecessary wear and tear by retracting when not in use. Made from a soft-silicone moulded over a durable metal insert, the seal is airtight yet has the elasticity needed to prevent leaking. 

The front cover has been redesigned bringing a new element of aesthetics to the design along with the practicality of improved cohesion with the inhalation effort control knob via co-moulded components for soft-touch easy control. Adjust your breathing preferences in the water with ease and precision. 

A redesigned heat sink and inlet tube using a zirconium-plating to resist corrosion. The new design includes an increased surface area to aid the heat exchange between components to avoid freeze-up. 

Zeagle F8 regulator Yoke Features:

  • Soft silicone ergonomic mouthpiece
  • Durable materials across the design
  • Co-moulding in multiple components
  • New inhalation design for fast response time
  • Improved exhaust valve
  • Seat-saving silicone orifice
  • Redesigned front cover and inhalation effort control knob
  • Inlet tube and heat sink corrosion resistant with efficient heat transfer
  • Brass body first stage
  • Neoflon (PCTFE) seat
  • Stainless steel HP valve
  • Balanced diaphragm design
  • Environmental seal cap and yoke knob

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