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Dive Newcastle's Ex Rental Regulator Sets will all come fully service and with 6 month's warranty. We have 2 styles currently available complete with first and second stages including the alternate air source.

When you purchase an ex-rental regulator set we will organise it to be fully serviced and tested and generally this takes approximately 7 day's from date of purchase.     

Options 1 Seac X5 Synchro 1st & 2nd Stage Primary + Synchro Alternate Air Source

SEACSUB brings you the new X5 P INT P SYNCHRO first stage diving regulator , built in polished chrome-plated brass that gives it anti-corrosion qualities for greater durability over time.

It has a diaphragm or piston with greater balance, which is ideal for recreational diving. By having fewer moving components they are much more reliable. With this regulator you can count on a constant air flow regardless of the amount of air that remains in your tank.

It has an INT Yoke valve. Four LP and one HP outputs. Features:

- First stage materials: shiny chrome-plated brass

- Second stage materials: ultralight technopolymers

- HP outlets: 1

- LP outlets: 4

- First stage features: unbalanced piston

- Second stage features: exhaust port with increased air passage for better air flow.

- It is also possible to regulate the Venturi effect (Dive/Pre-Dive).

- Improved second-stage case to optimize performance.

- OWS rubber covers to guarantee the top-notch performance.


Option 2. Zeagle Envoy 1st and Second Stage Primary + Envoy Alternate Air Source.


Manufacturer Description of Regulator's 

Tremendous value with uncompromising performance The Envoy is an incredible value, matching or exceeding the performance of regulators costing much more. If you are looking for an economical regulator that doesn't compromise on performance or reliability, you can't do better than the Envoy! 

The Envoy Zeagle's redesigned Envoy was the only reg in its price class to earn perfect simulator scores, even at the most demanding RMV/ depth. It also delivered far and away the best in-water performance. An easy breather in all positions and extremely dry, the Envoy has a forceful purge and a dive/ pre dive lever that is very effective in controlling surface free flows... The Envoy offers the best warranty in its price group” Rodales Scuba Diving, Nov. 2003: Best New Regs Work of breathing at heavy demand*: 1.05 Joule/Liter *198 (60M) depth, 750 psi inlet, 62.5 RMV (liters per minute respiratory volume) Like all Zeagle regulators, The Envoy comes factory ready for use with EAN/ NITROX to 40% O2.

The Envoy is available in yoke and DIN (Din special order only 8 weeks) styles.


  • Environmentally Sealed

  • Balanced Diaphragm

  • 5 LP Ports

  • 2 HP Ports

  • Lighter weight

First Stage Materials:






Advanced Polymer 

HP Valve:

Stainless Steel 

  • Downstream valve

  • Balanced Diaphragm

  • Dive/Pre Dive Venturi Control

  • Hose Length: 30 in. (.76 m)

Second Stage Materials:


Flexible Thermoplastic 



Poppet Seat:





Elastomeric Polymer 

Exhaust Valve:





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