Eclipse Oasis Mask Snorkel Set

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Eclipse Oasis Mask Snorkel Set

Combining the high quality, low profile Eclipse Mask with the Oasis Snorkel, this pack is a fantastic quality for value set. 


  • Eclipse Mask
  • Oasis Snorkel


Eclipse Mask

With a skirt and strap made entirely of high quality silicone, the Eclipse Mask is not only super comfortable but is also designed for a snug fit on all face sizes and shapes.


  • Easy adjust side buckles

  • Comfort Silicone Strap

  • Low Volume / Medium Field of vision

  • Eco-friendly Packaging

  • 100% liquid silicone


Oasis Snorkel

The Oasis Snorkel boasts a large snorkel tube equipped with a splash top and purge facility.


  • Replaceable 100% liquid silicone mouthpiece

  • Purge valve for easy clearing

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