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4-13 JUNE 2022


One of the world’s most prized & protected diving destinations, Palau boasts unimaginable riches just below the surface, including…

Dizzying Dropoffs & Caverns

Descend into the exquisitely peaceful, ethereal Blue Holes. Watch the sunlight dance above you as you sink deep into an indigo abyss.

Spellbinding Drift Dives

Clip into the reef at Blue Corner and relax as an endless parade of sharks & rays put on a show all around you.


It can be difficult to get reef sharks to come close to you while you are hooked in at Blue Corner. Unhooking and swimming down into or over the lip of the reef can get you closer to sharks, but you also risk the ire of other dive groups who fear your bubbles will scare away the wildlife. It's best not to chase sharks - instead, find a good spot where they can swim by you in the current.

Night dives are often the best time to put on your macro lens, as a wide range of reclusive creatures emerges from the reef after dark. This can also be a great opportunity to get close to otherwise skittish fish while they sleep.

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