SEAC Bargain Buster Scuba Package

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Bargain Buster 

Only the best value products in the industry receive this designation!

The best value entry level system in Australia. This set is inexpensive but still a good performer with excellent quality. All components are Italian made and come fully assembled and ready to dive.


  • SEAC P Synchro Octo Synchro Reg Set
  • SEAC Club BCD
  • Neptune SPG & Depth Gauge Combo


 SEAC P Synchro Octo Synchro Reg Set

Piston first stage with one high-pressure and 4 low-pressure outlets. Simple and functional second stage. Its large diaphragm ensures natural breathing at all times. The Venturi effect can be adjusted by means of a simple lever. Available with INT 230 BAR fittings.
  • First stage body material: polished chrome-plated brass

  • Second stage body material: ultralight technopolymers

  • 1 HP port 4 LP ports

  • First stage features: compressed-piston

  • Second stage features: made using ultralight technopolymers, option to regulate the Venturi effect.



SEAC Club is a traditional BCD. Its is entirely manufactured in 1000 Denier High Resistance Nylon and its design makes it extremely resistant to abrasion. Equipped with 4 stainless steel D-rings, two stitched on the shoulder straps and two stitched underneath the side pockets for hanging all your diving accessories. 

If SEAC Club BCD is unavailable in your selected size, you will be automatically upgraded to a ScubaPro BCD.


Neptune SPG & Depth Gauge Combo

This two gauge combo is an essential part of any diving regulator set. The Brass body SPG tracks air use up to 360 Bar while the depth gauge tracks from 0 to 70m.

The twin console sits in a polymer housing preventing damage, and includes attachment points for easy stowage.

Neptune SPG/Depth Combo Included unless SEAC console is selected. For XSmall-XLarge Sizes Check out the SCUBAPRO T-ONE PACK



Check out the Action Wrist Computer Watch add on for just $340.

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