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Thickness: 7MM
Size: XSM/1
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COMFORT is the right suit for divers who particularly value ease of fit and comfort.

In addition, the high elasticity of the whole improves water tightness and reduces water circulation.

Ultraspan© lining on 100% of its surface on the outside with good resistance to erosion and extremely elastic in all directions.

X-Plush© lining on the inside, quick drying and slippery touch that facilitates the placement of the suit.

It is very pleasant and thermal and does not limit the original elasticity of the neoprene and the outer fabric.

Small Diamond© fabric reinforcement in areas of great erosion such as shoulders, shins and buttocks.

High density neoprene and the elasticity of the suit is achieved on the basis of the lining used, not reducing the density of the neoprene.

Tightness in wrists, ankles and neck by means of micromuffs of neoprene smooth interior of 5 mm: an effective, simple and resistant system.

Knee/tibia zone with anti-wear elastic reinforcements in Tatex®.

This type of reinforcement practically does not limit the elasticity of the neoprene, provides sufficient reinforcement and facilitates the placement of the suit.

Hood with discreet valve system to drain the excess air during the ascent and system of attachment to the suit by means of a small carabiner (optional).

Available in a 7 mm version.

Jacket (optional) in 5 mm, with sleeves of 3.5 mm, is a very important element as it avoids the traditional inconvenience of modular versions when used with two pieces, given their high elasticity.

The level of finishes is very complete without entering into unnecessary sophistications and maintaining a moderate price level.

Reinforcement/tensioner with tongue at the base of the back zipper.

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